WiseStorage Pilot Building

Through the WiseStorage project, a pilot building is developed to demonstrate the results of the project in operational environment. The pilot demonstration is focusing on a residential building that is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The building is three-phase connected (3x40A) to the electricity grid and is equipped with 5 kW rooftop photovoltaic system. The heating and cooling of the buildings is fully relying on electricity. The cooling is achieved through 6 split units air-conditioners (AC) with a total nominal thermal load of 127000 BTU while the heating is maintain through 2 x 10 kW heat-pump devices feeding and underfloor system. For enhancing the energy management flexibility of the building, a 5 kW-5kWh battery storage system is installed. A fast reporting smart meter is also installed at the grid connection point in order to enable the fast monitoring of the import/export energy of the building. On top of this, the WiseWire Energy Box is locally installed to communicate with the smart meter, photovoltaic inverter, battery system, etc. within the building. The WiseWire Energy Box communicate with the web-based WiseWire solution for energy management of buildings to facilitate the energy usage and to optimize the electricity cost of the pilot building. The pilot building of the WiseStorage building is presented below.

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