WiseWire is offering intelligent solutions (software and hardware) to enable the intelligent management of buildings towards a sustainable and energy efficient operation and to facilitate novel functionalities in the area of smart grids.

Web-based solution for energy management of buildings

Daily import and export energy and electricity cost and profit
Real-time active and reactive power (total and per phase)
Photovoltaic generation, load consumption and grid exchange
Real-time monitoring of three phase grid voltage

Real-time monitoring and automatic energy management of a building (equipped with photovoltaic and energy storage systems) to reduce electricity cost.

Smart building provision of flexibility services to the grid operator

A novel solution for allowing prosumers to actively participate in the distribution grid management. In this case, our company offers an innovative cloud-based framework to allow the seamless and effective collaboration between the distribution system operator and the smart buildings. In particular, the solution allows the DSO to control flexible resources located in the prosumer premises to manage grid congestion in a cost effective manner. At the same time, the provision of such services by the prosumers can enable economic revenues allowing a lower electricity cost.

Key equipment for energy management of smart homes

WiseWire Energy Box

A plug-n-play hardware to enable novel functionalities and automate your building energy management

Fast-reporting smart meters

Fast measurements to monitor the energy performance and electricity consumption of your building

Battery storage systems

Battery storage systems to enable flexible energy management and to reduce your electricity bill

Stand-alone software to monitor the energy consumption/generation of building in real-time

Stand-alone application for real-time monitoring of power and energy performance of a building

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