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About the project

The OneNet project has set ambitious goals for the evolution and transformation of the European power system through the development of new markets, products, services and ICT systems. WiseWire through the OneNet – ActiveProsumer project aims to support this initiative by developing new methodologies and services to enable the participation of household consumers in distribution grid management, allowing the provision of flexibility services to the grid. The OneNet – ActiveProsumer project has produced a complete framework and a comprehensive methodology that covers all aspects of ICT architecture, security and novel energy management methodologies which are demonstrated at a real prosumer’s building.


The OneNet – ActiveProsumer project aims towards the active coordination of distribution grids by facilitating the consumer engagement for flexibility provision. To achieve this ambitious goal the project is built upon two main pillars. The first pillar focuses on the development of a fast, secure, and reliable communication between the prosumer and the DSO control center, while the second pillar emphasizes on intelligent power control methodologies.

For enabling the ancillary services provision by the prosumer, a secure two-level communication framework is developed. This framework is categorized into (a) internal communication at building level to allow the coordination of flexible resources within the prosumer infrastructure, and (b) external communication allowing the secure exchange of measurements and coordination signals between the prosumer and the DSO.

Key results

Through the project, WiseWire was able to achieve important results:

  • Develop a novel communication framework to allow the seamless exchange of information between the DSO and distributed prosumers
  • Allow a multi-mode energy management approach for prosumers, that can:
    • either operate in an autonomous mode for minimizing their electricity cost,
    • or participate in local electricity market to increase their revenue and allow their active coordination by the DSO to relieve congestion in the distribution grid.

The following figure demonstrates the real-life operation of the building and the digital twin emulated operation of the distribution grid (connected in hardware in the loop configuration), when the prosumer is actively manage by the DSO to avoid overloading conditions.


This project is supported by the OneNet project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 957739) through the Open Call procedure for participation of third parties.

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