Who we are

Wise Wire Energy Solutions Limited is a start-up company offering innovative solutions and consultancy services in the area of intelligent power grid and smart homes. The company is based in Cyprus and was founded in 2020 with an aim of transforming innovative research results into marketable products and services in the area of smart grids. The team has strong scientific and technical expertise with over a decade of experience in research and innovation projects.

Our Vision

The energy generation mix is still relying on fossil fuels causing a significant environmental impact. At the same time, buildings are responsible for over one-third of the total energy consumption producing approximately 40% of the overall CO2 emissions. Our mission is to create solutions to facilitate the green and sustainable evolution of energy infrastructure and buildings. Our solutions aims to advance the integration of renewable energy sources and maximize their penetration into the energy infrastructure, reduce the electricity cost for the consumers, and enable zero CO2 emission buildings.

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